Thursday, July 30, 2009

you have clothes like a fuckin dickhead

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops (hands in late pass)

so fucking shitty, just goes down the line of shitty things you can have a car/truck

a few weeks ago peter and ash went to see wicked and this is what they were wearing. before this peter tryed to show me naked pictures he took of himself in the tub. sooooooooooooo omo

kat dennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnings!!!!!!!!! i painted it

new tattoooo lee drew for me, i was hyped for sure.

best thing on the market for sure, ketchup chips first time ive ever seen them in the u.s. and i bought 4 bags cuz they are delish
bill haverchuck from freaks and geeks!!!!!!!!!! best shit ever
another painting i did

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip (Long Bitch)

ive been slacking

We left and when we stopped for the first time we had nasty ass subway and dq in some random town. sooo shitty.
I tryed to convince pete to eat one of these nasty things. he said it kind looked like his dirty hot dog

vlad made me take the this and the next one knowing i do not approve

got to long beach ate some mexican food then went to the vans hq and skated the ramp and looked that the displays

all hail cardiel

some oldies


more goods

the vans ramp, it is sooooo fun. skate it if you can

fucking l.a. traffic, took so fucking long to get anywhere

I am so pho king coooooooooooooool

Vlad said he wanted to be like his ideal, grant patterson. i got madddddd respkect

The tour guide brandon, we asked him to take us back to az on many occassions and he denied. so i cut my pants into shorts and left one leg in his car as punishment. you will regret the day you crossed me

the good ol boy neal, he let us stay in petes room while we were theree and we smeard poop all over hi spillow case

i liked the sign

went to the bathroom somewhere and i saw this had to take a picture

thats right, both trucks on backwards, he didnt even notice until i said something

went to the beach with joe one day after skating downtown long bitch. drank some beers and watchd some dolphins. looked at fine women, what else could one want.

arielle got sooooooo jealous i was the pho king

on the way to drop off neals keys i saw this gentleman walkin into the vans hq..........non other than ge off rolley

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip (Vegas)

This is the second half of the trip, Vegas with Wilrick!!!!!!!!!!!!
This isnt in order, well the rest of the pictures are but not this one. i almost forgot about it cuz it was so dark but dick sushi kevin drew

First got to vegas, the strip is in the veryyyy background. we are at a mc donalds that vlad said some young girl was tryin to hit on him

pulled into kevins apartment and he met us on his long board in his work cloths. his apartment is soooo nice

The first picture is from getting sushi before we tryed to skate anthem park, but we got kicked out by this cop with a pickle nose cuz daryll was bein a shit to him. but he deserved it. he was a jackass

i have no clue

next day kevin had to work so me and vlad went to the strip to play poker, theres the mgm grand

More hotels from the strip

excalibur!!!!!!!!!!!@ that fat white guy with the gap in his teeth was doing shows there. louie something.

the motha fuckin m&m factory shit i walked down there when pete was playin poker and i lost all my mons

good picture of some resturant with a hott betty page devil faker on it.

paris, i have arrived

i walked around for like 20 minutes trying to find this thing. 67 ozs of budlight. it was not very good. but i drank it cuz it was hott and i was fuckiiiiin bored.

infront of the paris hotel, i was just wlakin around lookin at chicks and drinkin my beer lookin for random shit to buy

the water show at the belligio,. i was across the street when it happened god damn it! its better at night anyways.

some of their city buses are double dekkers

met up with kevin and got some food, fine ass girl was working there. vlad is in his pink tall tee he wore it all night. youll see more. throwing up the most metal of horns, the baby

kevin, lookin damn fine in a shirt i bought from goodwill in california. rockos modern life

we went to pick up kevins girlfriend spencer and this was a shelf in her room, i liked it so i took picha

We then went down to freemont street to partake in some fun times.

vlad, dont know what he is doing but he must have been movin fast

got another big drink that day a football this time of the champagne of beer

kiss light show in the tunnel thing on freemont street, old people were dancing like crazy. they looked like jackasses

kevin with his big football of the champagne

me sippin on my drank, it wasnt too bad and i wanted to send arielle a picture

another light show, this time hippie themed. again jackass old people dancing around

these girls were dancing but stopped right before i took this picture

spence kev vlad, notice the shirts.

zack, hes the shit, he came to the club with us even tho he is straight edge. you know youre legit when a straight edge kid will hang out with you when everyone is drunk

outside of the bars we went to, some random fixed gear kids and some babe

me and vlad enjoying the night for sure.

went to a bar called dont tell mama, it was a piano bar, this pretty lady had a beautiful voice

the second bar we went to it was sick!!! ther was a dj and someone playin like electric drums if it was here it would be a hot spot.

Too legit

Daryll and ramil, daryll is lookin all gqed out.

larry david?

crayons that look like dildos!!!!

kevin had to go to a wedding so me and pete went to the southpoint to play poker and eat food.

then we ended up back there after goin to a party and had more food and fucked up their forks sooo bad.l

two sly cats

went to a pool party and i couldnt swim cuz of my tt so i smoked vigs and lookeed at hott ass scene girls, heres kevin and spence

on the road back to az!!!!!!
back in az